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The Hawkeye Group was established in 2007 with specific profit driven corporate objectives and long term goals in diversified agricultural and associated business activities. Its vibrant activities began with successful cultivation of cassavas before diversifying into other related activities. Great experience was gained from this early cultivation of cassavas, though corporate yield were marginal, the demands were beyond expectations. Henceforth, we dedicated 100 acres of land to grow these cassavas in order to meet the local growing demand, which set the scene for Hawkeye Agro Sdn Bhd to penetrate into this rather low key industry.

Our agricultural direction was unceasing and enabled us to expand our business networks and farming activities into other crop types. As organic farming entrepreneurs, we persisted despite enormous hardships in the initial stages of the corporate development to reach our steady stage now.

In 2010, Hawkeye Agro Sdn Bhd decided to implement product diversification plan, with an inroad into building a Green House farm in Batu Pahat where we successfully cultivated a large variety of special crops such as the white bitter gourds and cherry tomatoes. Along the way, we further widened our corporate scope of business development to include the purchases and sales of various categories of agricultural lands to assist local farmers with similar interests and also to facilitate overseas investors in managing their land investments, such as managing their oil palm plantations professionally. We make them feel at ease placing their trust in people and professionals whom they could trust and work with in the most approachable manner.

In 2011, Hawkeye Agro Sdn Bhd intensified its implementation programs strategically to include its horizontal integration plan, with reputable companies from abroad to mutually enhance the spirit of business cooperation and value-add ventures. We worked with strategic partners, notably with Vedan International (Holdings) Ltd, a listed company on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong, since 2003. We are now their appointed agent for territory of Malaysia. The Vedan Group is the leading producer of fermentation-based amino acids, food additive products and cassava starch-based industrial products in Asia. We are their marketing agent for their famed product, Venatto y-PGA Broth 350, which is a nutrient absorption enhancer for all plants. This is not a fertilizer but a bio growth product which greatly enhances crop yields.

As we move toward the bright future in our corporate pathway, we continue to strive for highest level of service-oriented excellence, unparalleled in the local agri-based business and related sectors. We work closely with you to close any loops you may have in order to mutually benefit each other, in the colossal opportunities lying ahead of us.

We appreciate and sincerely acknowledge all support from all our stakeholders.