What is the distinctive difference between a normal liquid fertilizer and Venatto y-PGA?


Venatto y-PGA is used as a distinctive nutrient enhancer. It helps all plants or crops to absorb nutrients most effectively. Unlike a normal liquid fertilizer which only supply nutrient but does not ensure the plant to absorb the nutrients. If a plant or crop is unable to absorb nutrients efficiently or effectively, then it does not matter how much fertilizer nutrients you apply will just be wasted. Venatto y-PGAcontains an appropriate amount of nutrients which is aimed at mainly enhancing adsorption by a plant or crop, thereby making a major distinctive difference between an average liquid fertilizer and Venatto y-PGA.


What are the biological, agricultural and economic benefits of using Venatto  y-PGA?


Venatto y-PGA can greatly improve the effective nutrient absorption. This is especially so during severe monsoon seasons, where the fertilizer draining leakage or loss could be devastating. If the plants or the crops could not absorb nutrients effectively, any amount of fertilizers applied in the soil condition would not benefit the plants or crops.
It increases water holding power and therefore its capture capacity in the soil, especially during drought or when rainfall is sporadic.
It allows the soil to breathe biologically and facilitates all roots to grow healthily, thereby making the plants or crops become robust.
It helps to improve the immune system, thereby prolonging the harvest period; also the quality and the yield of crops.
It also helps to alleviate symptoms of soil hardening which may be caused by certain chemical fertilizers.
It has a chelating feature with heavy metals, thereby enhancing crop growth and yield.
It helps to increase the overall yield, thereby reducing the usage or costs of fertilizers.


What is the dosage of Venatto y-PGA?


1 liter of Venatto y-PGA to 500 liters of water with uniform mixing.


Venatto y-PGA is suitable for what kinds of plants or crops?


It can be used on any kind of plants or crops. Examples: Oil palm, rubber, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and others.


If the yield of the oil palms is not satisfactory, can Venatto y-PGA help to improve or maximize on its yield?

i. Generally speaking, the factors causing major fertilizer losses can be attributed to heavy rainfall, natural transpiration and unceasing evaporation. This unquestionably will disrupt the effectiveness of any fertilizer applied, thereby suffering a lower yield of the plants or crops than expected. Basically, the loss of fertilizer could be not less than 30%; such losses will increase during the heavy rainy season. The best way to achieve higher yields is to resolve the problem of fertilizer loss and the inefficient adsorption and retention of the nutrients from the applied fertilizers. Venatto y-PGA can help greatly to improve nutrient absorption and retention power, even during the tropical monsoon seasons. If the plants or the crops could not absorb the applied nutrients efficiently, no matter how much fertilizer is added into the soil the results will not be within expectation and hence such efforts will be wasted.
ii. For the case of oil palm, the 4 factors which affect the quantity of their fresh fruit bearing are leaf production rate, sex of the flowering rate, loss of flowering rate, and the fruit bearing failure rate. The number of mature oil palm’s leaves will be reduced gradually and will be stabilized after 10-12 years of planting. They will add 2 new leaves on average per month, or a total of 18-24 news leaves per annum. The flower buds and leaves are growing at the same rate, and so each palm will add 18-24 new flower buds too. However, there are the male, homosexual and some immature buds, thereby making the final number of female flower buds less than 18-24. For instance, the adverse circumstances where draughts or dire lack of water in an area hit hard, the unusual slower rates of leave forming, flowering and fruit bearing are rendering poorer yields. Venatto y-PGA helps greatly the soil to breathe properly and facilitate the root growing and flourishing. When the oil palms are stronger and more robust, they essentially strengthen their immune systems against any infection by harmful germs and other soil micro-organisms. In this way, the oil palms will be providing better yields, requiring less direct supervision and management, enhancing better quality plants and crops, generally reducing your investments and earning your better annual returns.
iii. Planters should regularly check the fertilizer composition level and the breed mechanism efficiency of the given or applied soil. The Company has conducted field tests on 3 acres of mature oil palm land locally. Results were very positive, yielding from the average of 1.5 tons to that of 2.9 tons within two months. This test data range has been evident in more than 90% of such experimental lands using the Venatto y-PGA  product.

Is Venatto y-PGA safe for all kinds of plants or crops? Are there any side effects?


It is safe and does not have any appreciable side effects based on all experimental tests and proven field cases.


Will Venatto y-PGA cause erosion of soil?


No, the product formula and elementary composition were scientifically obtained by fermenting from L-glutamic acid and Bacillus subtilis var. natto. It contains y-PGA, glucose, protein, minerals, vitamins and a variety of biological active substances, taken naturally and organically. It is environmentally-friendly, and therefore, it will not cause the erosion of soil.


A typical papaya tree appears weak and stunted. Will it help by applying Venatto y-PGA?


A test case was conducted in a local farm with a control under test as well. One plot was applied with Venatto y-PGA and another plot as a control without any applied Venatto y-PGA. The test results obviously showed favorably that those papaya trees using Venatto y-PGA are more robust, healthier and bigger structurally than those are not applying it and thus providing much better returns from investments.


Do we still need to add any other fertilizer after applying Venatto y-PGA?
If yes, why is there still such an addition besides the application of Venatto y-PGA?


The use of Venatto y-PGA is to enhance the absorption of nutrient but not directly to supply nutrients to the plants or crops. It contains some nutrients though but is mainly to maximize the fertilizer adsorption of plants and crops and increase the plant or crop’s yields.

Most of the fertilizer loss is due to the nature of chemical fertilizer applied in its composition and especially during the monsoon seasons when they are rendered not effective. But the unique formula Venatto y-PGA can prevent loss, increase retention power and greatly absorb the fertilizers applied at the surface level of the soil. For a practical illustration, 60% of energy to oil palm trees is incurred in and thus derived from fertilizer, thereby making up a large quantum of cost, supervision and management effort. Such investments in the agricultural lands by use of the normal fertilizers inevitably are inefficient and ineffective, engendering a major draining of invested capital and poorer returns.


Besides helping plants and crops to absorb the nutrients most effectively, are there any other related benefits of using Venatto y-PGA?


Yes, you can also apply Venatto y-PGA into the insecticide where it can  help to reduce the dosage of insecticide applied. Essentially, this methodology reduces the regular expenditure on applied insecticide and additionally enabling the consumers to enjoy more healthy food.


As the World’s population keeps increasing rapidly, the needs of food have risen to more demanding levels, capturing all governments’ attention worldwide. This critical international concern is worsened by the continuous global warming effect, thereby making weather conditions most unpredictable, pushing all agricultural investments to the limits of human tussle with Nature.  Land utilization, by intelligent use of well tended agricultural lands is no longer sufficient based on the technology of the eras gone by. Newer technological pursuits in the experimental tests, based on ingenious formulations, field tests, proven results to reduce greatly any adverse soil loss, augmenting the power of holding water and overall maximizing the returns on agricultural lands are the rule of the day.  Can the Venatto y-PGA product play a significant role in this global trend?


Venatto y-PGA has all the built-in elements to fulfill the demands of  any farm land defined for agricultural production. Typically the top-most factor is to maximize use of the soil for plant growth and hence the crop yield for investors in particular and for the governments in general in meeting all social demands for food production.  The nature of soil is such as to be highly variable based on many external environmental factors, adverse weather conditions and even human interventions causing results which are deemed as highly destructive or unfavorable for plant growth and crop production. Any effort in the direction of facilitating plant growth and good crop rotation and productive yield would have been a deep concern with the global call of growing more healthy food for all in general. In particular, the case-by-case nurturing and tending of agricultural lands, large or small, will be a positive effort by investors not just to ensure a good return of investment, but more importantly to head toward the direction of the local or national aspirations of self sufficiency in food production or better still for export to those in need. The scientific formulation of Venatto y-PGA product was designed with this commitment in mind for the altruistic good of all.