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Agriculture Product
  Cassava / Cherry Tomato / Sweet Corn / Lady finger / Chili / Eggplant

Hawkeye Agro Sdn Bhd has an experiential abundance in planting a great variety of crops in Malaysia. Based on our practical expertise, the same type of crops is not allowed to be planted repeatedly; if we do so, the bacteria arising from the same crop will stay embedded in the soil and eventually affecting the yield. It is essential, and therefore, we rotate the crops to be planted intermittently from time to time.

Usually we sell our range of agro -products to appointed distributors or retailers in various districts or areas in Johor. We welcome any interested parties to co-operate and work with us in this agricultural product and market development in Johor or Singapore.
1. Cassavas
We have 100 acres of cassava located within Johor State. We only cultivate the cassava for domestic consumption. Generally, our customers will process it into dry chips ready for end-consumers.
2. Cherry Tomatoes
Our ‘Green House’ and farm located in Batu Pahat is centrally and logistically located in the Johor State. We were honored to have been interviewed by one of the most popular publishers in the region to demonstrate successfully how we planted cherry tomatoes in dry and hot weather like Batu Pahat. Usually these cherry tomatoes are cultivated in Taiwan or Japan which are located in temperate region whereas in Malaysia they are found only in restricted areas like the Cameron Highlands which have a temperature range between 14 to 24 degC. To cultivate cherry tomatoes successfully in other areas requires special effort, technique and a good knowledge of other factors like fertilizers and others
agricultural supplements.
3. Sweet Corns
Most of our sweet corns are of AA grade. The record size is about 700 grams. We employed our learning curve, professional skill and practical knowledge in this highly specialized field to perfect this methodology.
4. Lady Fingers / Chilis / Eggplants

When you cultivate lady fingers, chilies and eggplant, what worries you most? The yield! There are many reasons to affect the yield.

Some of you may encounter a situation where the plants begin to flower weakly before bearing any fruit, as the flowers are not strong enough to withstand wind blowing on them and begin to drop off. And this will severely affect the yield!

Some researchers in Taiwan have introduced us an amazing methodology. It was found to be most effective in overcoming this weak flowering problem, and we have decided to bring this product in Malaysia. We want you to know this perfect methodology. The product name is Venatto y-PGA. It has many more advantages besides the one we have mentioned. Kindly refer to the website if you are interested in this product.